Strand (2008)
Single Channel : Stereo w. Siobhan Murphy

Strand is a dance video created by Siobhan Murphy, Michaela Pegum and myself. The work emerged from our previous trips to Lake Tyrell where the dancers were inspired to return and make a piece specifically in response to the environment. Making dance in the landscape is particularly vexed but something all three of us are particularly interested in.

Through a number of conversations we came up with the structure and overarching thematic approach then went our separate ways whilst the dancers cooked up the choreography. I shot it and then edited it with lots of input from Siobhan and Michaela. Siobhan also made a vital contribution to the soundtrack.

Although our roles and specialities are quite distinct, we consider the work a real three-way collaboration.

Alice with Black Mattress (2019)
Single Channel : Stereo w. Siobhan Murphy

This is Siobhan Murphy's Alice with black mattress, Riddells Creek, May 2019. Siobhan is the choreographer, director, chief editor (I co-edit with her), and often sound designs with me. I typically shoot by myself or with someone else, co-edit with Siobhan, and do sound design.