Parameter (2012)
Conical Gallery : 5 screen installation : Silent

Parameter extends a particular aspect of my practice in direct response to the history of Conical. Over recent years one of the ways in which I have engaged with the representation of place is by using the ever-finer resolution of high definition video. I have scanned environments at a level of detail that hovers at the edge of visibility to the naked eye in order to offer such a surfeit of visual information that video’s realist function is overwhelmed – beating video at its own game if you will. It is my usual practice to engage with the social and/or natural histories of place/s to deal their construction at the intersection of a variety of social narratives.

Conical has a unique history of encouraging artists to engage with the specifics of its architecture such that this history of engagement is what conical has become, the sum of those responses. It is in the spirit of this collective project that I spent several days shooting details of the physical infrastructure of Conical to create the images for parameter: the windowsills, the louvers, the floorboards, the fireplace, the walls. In so doing I have magnified and extended Conical to crowd in upon itself.