These pieces were created as part of the SPATIAL DIALOGUES project, which dealt with the place and significance of water in urban environments in Tokyo, Shanghai & Melbourne.

Saitama (2012)
Single Channel : Stereo by Phil Samartzis & HACO

Bins are carefully lowered from the light of the day into the dark of the Saitama waste water plant. The workers observed order in all they did, wiping their hands after each time they touched the bins. There was a quiet poetry in the manner in which they conducted themselves, observing their small and diligent clean-up, their maintenance of the essential relationship between humans and water.

Shibuyagawa Ekimae (2013)
Single Channel : Stereo by Dominic Redfern

Shibuyagawa Ekimae traces the journey of the Shibuya River from north to south as it travels beneath the Shibuya Station. The work speaks both literally and metaphorically to the place of this river in contemporary Tokyo.

Yellow Banks River (2011)
Single Channel : Stereo by Phil Samartzis

Shot in Shanghai, Yellow Banks River images the barge families that haul the raw materials of China's construction boom.