Tweetsfortheendoftheworld (2013)
Public Screen St. Kilda Junction : silent

tweetsforthendoftheworld was a work commissioned by Linden Gallery in St. Kilda for its show, Space Oddity. My work was sited on the large public screen at the St. Kilda Junction for which I prepared seven ten-second videos. My work evoked a post-apocalyptic world in which a lone survivor travels with his shopping trolley searching for food and shelter yet remains avidly attuned to the pithy one liners uploaded to the twitter hash tag tweetsforthendoftheworld.

My intention was to critique the dangers an obsession with the virtual world creates in the physical world. This project extends my previous work on large public screens at Federation Square and the Age building through the employment of new strategies designed to address the transient and media embedded commuter audience.

To this end the work was site-responsive and constructed to blend in with the other advertisements on the screen. There was an additional interactive element in which audiences were able to tweet to the hash tag and have their words inserted into the videos throughout the course of the shows run.